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Who are we ?

Coddict is a Web Design & Development firm based in Montreal, Canada & Beirut, Lebanon. Whether your goal is to showcase yourself online while leveraging the opportunities of the online world, growing your business online, or marketing your business online, you will find that we can fulfill your needs to perfection. We provide you custom solutions to all your web-related individual, organizational, business & enterprise projects with unparalleled quality. We also help you cut your costs, engage more customers, raise your profits & gain a competitive advantage using the online world.

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What's in it for you ?

The Internet is the latest revolutionary emerging medium of communication and the most cost effective way of reaching our audiences. Not having an online presence or a website today, is like not having a phone number few years back. Web based communication is more cost effective, and lets you get to your goals faster than traditional methods, no matter what your goals are. Chances are, if your potential customers can't find your website online, they'll find someone else's, and you'll lose customers. So why not make the jump to the web and start recouping the rewards ?

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Personalized Solutions

It is widely known that the only way you can differentiate yourself from others, is to have an edge in what you're doing. You cannot have an edge by using solutions that everyone else is using; which is why, every solution we provide you is scratched exactly to your present and future needs. Personnalized Solutions are a must for success, and removes limits that traditional solutions would impose on you. Many clients have trusted us to develop and design websites and solutions tailored to their needs. Why not get what you deserve today ? Check out our portfolio for more.

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